• Hatha Yoga & Meditation
  • Classic Non-Dual Yogic Philosophy
  • Tantric Meditation
  • Embodied Flow Movement Exploration
  • Yin & Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Chakra Activation & Balancing

Take your practice to a whole new level through moving exploration, breath realignment, and powerful meditation!

As a yoga teacher Vlada Inlight has a vast experience in guiding students of all levels into a deep state of oneness through yoga practice. Vlada has a gift to powerfully combine steadiness and alignment with embodied movement and graceful flow. Clear instructions, well-combined postures, and natural rhythm will take you on a Journey into the unified field.

Morning yoga sessions are focused on connecting movement and breath to awaken the energy and move it through all energy centers (chakras).

Authentic and creative practice will include mantra, meditation, purifying breathing practices and well-rounded body movement. Morning yoga practice concludes with profound full body relaxation & journaling.

Evening yoga session will bring you back into the present moment and help to release deep sited tension in the muscles and tissues. Surrender and relax through a yin/restorative practice, activate meridians along the whole body and balance the flow of energy. Cool down the nervous system, find stillness and dive into a deep meditative state.

Vlada teaches yoga as a spiritual practice and often guides students into Classic Non-Dual Yogic Philosophy wisdom.

Every practice is different and adapted to the group of yogis and their level.

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