It is tempting for me to withhold my honest comments in the selfish attempt to keep Bliss Body retreat from becoming a huge success and everyone wants to visit, thus ensuring my own access to her whenever I would like in the future. The truth is, though, retreat team deserves every bit of good fortune to come their way because the program is simply wonderful.

For starters, the retreat is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Everyone I met or even passed by was incredibly friendly, too. As for the guide Vlada herself, she was kind and gentle during the whole time yet somehow convincing enough to push me through the tough yoga sessions. Sometimes I really felt like I couldn't move forward but then she'd position me or guide me and next thing you know I was able to carry on. You can tell she has done yoga for a while and she genuinely loves it. She has inspired me to restart my yoga practice which has lapsed significantly prior to this visit.

The nutritional aspect of the retreat was probably the biggest benefit to takeaway for me. I learned that I really don't need to eat nearly as much as I have been used to eating in my life. During the retreat, I don't think I hardly ate anything (by standards in the USA) but I didn't feel hungry, at least not more than a passing few seconds and the feeling went away when I didn't feed it. It was a real eye-opener for me to understand how energetic I could feel with such relatively small quantities of food. I have carried this over back into my normal life, I eat a lot less now and I feel better, I think I look better too! I can't thank her enough for this gift of knowledge.

In short, I wish to go back to this retreat in the magical land Bali and hope to do so before too long.


I feel happy to share my experience after Bliss Body Retreat, for me, it was the first time to have detox of the organism in my life. It was definitely something new and interesting to do. For the past 2 years, I was working a lot in the office and feel that this retreat helped me to restore myself only in one week. It is something magical. You will never believe until you try yourself. When I was looking for a retreat, a crucial moment for me was Yoga and meditation, but it is much more than I’ve expected. The combination of raw food, our favorite green juice, and Yoga led to the peaceful feeling inside and wonderful look outside. Now I hope to continue my new healthy path and try to stick to one-day raw food in a week.

One of my favorite things was Purification Ceremony in a water temple, I can’t find proper words to describe that feeling that you have after. Overall, all the places that we’ve visited were magnificent and interesting.

If you want to feel great, and look great I strongly recommend booking this retreat. Vlada is such a knowledgeable, experienced and inspiring person. I do hope we will meet again in future. Big thank - Bliss Body Retreat Team and especially to amazing Vlada!


It is been awhile since I come back to France from a retreat in Bali, Ubud and I try to implement all my knowledge gained during this amazing 7 days. Vlada is extremely awesome, she taught me so many things about healthy nutrition, the combination of products and how to cook easy, healthy and what is more important for me delicious. Not to mention her teaching abilities as a Yoga instructor, I never had classes like that. I am pretty sure it was a lucky gift from life to choose this retreat among 100 of others and meet such an inspiring team as Bliss Body. The accommodation was just something out of my imagination and of course swimming pool with a jungle panorama - Oh it was incredible. I would like to add that the program is so intensive that you literally don’t have time to procrastinate: Spa, massage, rice fields, temples etc. so this was the only one minus of the whole retreat process. Thank you once again Vlada and Olha, you are doing a great job! And for everyone – don’t think a lot just book it! You will never regret, believe me!


The 7 days detox and yoga retreat, for me, was a beautiful and amazing experience. The location was just stunning. Right in the middle of the jungle in Ubud, we had a gorgeous Villa, swimming pool,very friendly staff... I remember when I walked into my room I said to myself :" Is this for real?"
Vlada did a fantastic job guiding us through the yoga classes, the raw food meals (all delicious, by the way), the benefits of the juices and how it is possible to change your diet and routine without the struggle.
You can see her personal touches on everything, including the excursions she picked. All very special and spiritual places, which made the whole experience trully unforgetable to me.
I believe it is a great value for your money, you literally don't need to spend anything else once you are on the retreat.
Thanks again Vlada for being part of my journey, I'm very grateful!

Janaina, AustraliaStayed July 2016, traveled solo

A blessed complete renovation from inside out!

I have been this summer in the Bliss Body Retreat 7 Days Detox program in Bali and I can just recall all the benefits that I am still experiencing from it.
The program is very well organized, with a detox diet based on delicious raw vegetarian recipes, juices, smoothies.. coconut water! Vlada is a bliss since she thinks about all the details for each moment. Great news is that you clean your body without beig hungry or feeling that you are prived of food, she just introduces a complete new form of living called clean eating.
A part from following Vlada's menus we also had some workshops and we take home many learned recipes, even veggie sushi ; ) Another workshop in how to keep a clean diet back home and a lot of info about nutrition.
A part from the detox diet part, which really makes a difference on skin and all the body, we also practiced Yoga, Vlada is a great Yengar Yoga teacher and made classes apropiate for all participants, I have improved a lot since I came bak from Bali.
Another point is that during the week there are also some activities programed, very carefully since we visited two amazing spas and a couple of water purification temples, how can't you feel renewed after spending a week like that in the most magic island of the world as Bali?
And if I think of the house we were in, problably the best I have been, swimming pool, big terraces, launch spaces.. all great to just rest on your spare time.
A complete bliss inside out! A restart in my life and a new way of nuorishing myself!

Just give yourself the opportunity as I did myself.


I have been fortunate to experience many yoga & detox retreats all over the world.
I will say this was one of the best private retreat experiences.
From the dedicated communication before arriving to ensure my needs - coupled with the respect for my personal space and schedule flexibility when needed was well addressed and balanced.

Aside from the beauty and notable energy of Ubud - the care afforded to me by Vlada & Olha to gauge my day to day needs and ensure I was making the best of the experience was carefully thought out and well structured. To be honest, empathic.

The personal yoga training by Vlada was especially valuable, she quickly tuned into my strengths and weaknesses both physical & mental as they varied daily and tailored the twice daily yoga sessions accordingly. This renewed my dedication and has served me well in the months since with my practice with much better understanding - a truly remarkable yoga teacher.
Meanwhile, Olha (Angel) was always alongside taking care of all the big, small important things just when needed - her raw food preparation & juice mixing is truly impressive.

Outside the meditations, massage, reiki and an amazing Spa experience, the implementation of local cultural experiences, shared with both knowledge and passion, just added to the mix.

Don't be fooled by these two lovely ladies youth, they are old wise souls genuinely dedicated and skilled to ensuring your well being and happiness.
Go open and willing, you will receive invaluable gifts and teachings.
I very much look forward to the opportunity to experience Bliss again.


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