Holistic Activities & Healings :

Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Reiki is a universal, graceful and compassionate energy that can heal on many levels. As it flows through into the recipient’s body they will deeply relax, balance and become calm. But Reiki can do much more than this.All of our energy systems are linked, the mind, body, and soul; each of these systems is connected and can have an effect on each other. It follows then that if a cleansing, healing energy flows through the body, the spiritual body and the mind will also benefit. This is how Reiki works; flowing through the body, cleansing, healing and detoxifying the system on many levels and therefore healing the mind, body, and emotions.


Taro & Intuitive reading

If you have a lot of questions and no answers. Or if you simply want to receive guidance and a message this experience may be extremely helpful, Deeply connected to the ancestors and versed in the language of Spirits, a session will offer you guidance on the relationship, work, life, decisions and helping you reach positive changes in your life.



(Activities are not included in the price and need to be arranged additionally.)

There are many beautiful hikes to explore on foot, by bike or on a horse.

There are also beautiful villages and natural sites to visit. Here are some ideas:


Monteriggioni: Distance 2.2 km (20 min walk)

A beautiful perfectly intact medieval village, there is a very tiny museum, a small church, some bars, restaurants, an ice-cream hub and some other

shops, Walking around takes no longer than 10 minutes, you can also take a walk on the walls to enjoy the exquisite Tuscan landscape.


San Gimignano: 25 km (20 min drive, transport needed)

The “Medieval Manhattan” walk around the beautify towers, enter the beautiful church, go visit the “Galleria Continua” buy some alabaster and an ice-cream.

Firenze: 45 km (45 min transport needed)

What to say. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, the nest of the Renaissance, the guided visit can be organized.


Siena: 20 km (15 min transport needed)

Siena is incredibly rich in art and culture, an open-air museum I highly recommend a guided visit with Elena, my favorite art historian of the region.


Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole: 18 km, 24km (20 min drive, transport needed)

A beautiful ride, by car moto or bike, if you are trained. You can conclude the tour with a wonderful wine tasting at one of the many wineries,

Fonterutoli is one of my favorites.


Colle Val d’elsa: 10 km (10 min drive, transport needed)

Out of the tourist trails, it’s another beautiful medieval village worth the visit, it is famous for crystal manufacture and ceramics.


Horseback riding: 30 km (40 min drive) 30€ per person or 8 km (10 min drive) 45€ per person.

The best riding center is in Radicondoli, the drive is picturesque and scenographic. There are closer centers as well if you don’t want to drive that far.


River or pool day: the pool is only 7km away we have a convention with it and entrance is 5€.


Bike day around Tuscan hills: you can a guided tour, or rent a bike to discover the hills of Tuscany for yourself.


Hikes: Ebbio is crossed by several signposted paths, you can grab a map and go, or decide to book a guide to take you around for the complete experience.


Francigena pilgrimage trail: the Monteriggioni starting point is 700 m away from retreat center, You can adventure through it with no extra cost towards San Gimignano (33km) or Siena (22km) or decide to book a walking or a bicycle guide.


Hot Springs: There are natural hot springs just 50 km away Petriolo is (40 min drive, transport needed).



Foraging and Essential oil making: 30€ x person, and takes about a half day, (4 participants minimum).

Natural cosmetic making: 30€ x person and it takes about a half day, (4 participants minimum).

Jam making workshop: 20€ x person, according to the season we will pick fruits, and process them in order to make wonderful sugar free organic jams, each participant will leave with a jam pot to bring back!

Giving back: get involved in the farm life; get your hands dirty and help to make this place even a better place it will feel more like home!

Vimini basket making: old Italian tradition – 30€ x person (minimum of 4 participants).

  • Short vineyard walk (upon request) through the different terroirs of Sangiovese,
  • Walk through the olive grove, gardens parterre with original XVIII century water font
  • Discovery of the organic vegetable garden, the Orangerie, the cellar, the vinsanto aging rooms, and the old olive mill


Monteriggioni Castle: We will walk from home to Monteriggioni castle, 2,5 km and will be received at Montechiaro Winery shop (EUR 15 per person)!

Tasting of 4 of their organic wines with their food pairing