7 Days Wellness,
Healing Food & Yoga
Retreat in Bali

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Dream like vacation on the most spiritual island.

Set free. Get Inspired. Look inward. There is something undeniably therapeutically about going for a retreat vacation. Bliss Body Retreats create a whole new way of a holiday, offering unique combination of healing nutrition and yoga experience. Spend a week in a lush of island jungles, meditate and surrender, nourish your body with organic food and juices, explore one of a kind Bali culture. This retreat is designed to give you tools and inspire to live one’s life consciously and in love.


  • Delicious holistic food & juices
  • 6 nights lux private bedroom with bath
  • Sunrise & Sunset Yoga practices daily
  • 2 Spiritual Purification Ceremonies
  • Reiki Energy Healing Sessions
  • Nutritional Education: Eating clean as a way of life
  • Lush surrounding of Bali Jungles
  • Private attitude to every guest.

Retreat Overview


Everyone needs some time to stay with yourself and give a break to a busy life, daily routine, hard work, eating disorder, lack of movement, and bad habits. If you want to re-boost and have a clear body, feeling lighter, healthier, and balanced, this is retreat is a perfect choice for you. Our team have carefully created this unique program specially for those who are looking for something new, who want to change their life for the better, be well educated, and live a long, happy life.

With systematic yoga practices, raw-food and natural surroundings, the life-energy naturally awakens to a higher level of evolution. Your inner and outer life become transformed. Just as the life-energy flows through nature bestowing its abundance, the awakened life-energy flows through our bodies allowing us to experience the pure light of our soul.

With help of creative raw food meals and day of organic green juice fasting, be sure to see yourself losing weight, having glowing skin, tight tissues, and simple shine from the inside out. Our team will do best to make your visit to Bali an unforgettable event.

This Retreat assists in

  • Cleaner blood, liver, and kidneys
  • Deep nervous system regeneration
  • Feeling of calmness and pure euphoria
  • Flatter belly and reduction of the stomach size
  • Radiant skin
  • Rapid and lasting weight loss
  • Restored energy and once vibrations
  • Super digestion

Whats included

  • ALL INCLUSIVE. You won’t spend any more during this week
  • Full 7 days of detox & yoga program
  • 1 hour deep tissue massage
  • Opening blessing ceremony with local priest
  • 2 Balinese Purification Holy Water Rituals in sacred Temples
  • Gourmet holistic breakfasts, lunches and desserts
  • Cold-pressed green juices
  • 1 juice fasting day
  • Detox shakes, lime shots, turmeric jamu herbal drink
  • Drinking water, herbal tea, and young coconuts
  • 1 Raw food making workshop
  • 1 Reiki energy healing session
  • Nutrition Education Seminar
  • Daily guided yoga practice
  • Daily meditations and breathwork
  • Connected breathwork session
  • Individual Chakra Test
  • Chakras Activation Meditation
  • 1-on-1 coaching session with the guide
  • Pre-detox information pack
  • Pre-retreat Skype consultation with the guide
  • Post-retreat guidance in closed Facebook group
  • Transfers (from/to airport or from/to Ubud centre)
 Review for our guest Jennifer

Let me start with the food. All I can say is WOW! I had never eaten raw food only for a week and loved everything that Olah made. I also loved our morning and afternoon yoga sessions and learning about chakras. Our day tours to various holy sites were magical and memorable too. The trip to the local spa in the middle of the rain forest was whimsical and peaceful. The villa itself was exquisite.

I loved my room at the villa. It was probably one of my favorite rooms at any hotel ever. I cannot thank Vlada and Olah enough for the wonderful, safe space they created for us to explore ourselves.

Yoga & Meditation


Take time to deepen relationship with your inner self during yoga practice and meditations. A truly peaceful moment in the morning, starts with saluting the first rays of sun, slowly breathing in cooling fresh air and gently guided stretching to revive the energy and good vibes. Proceeding with a more active practice to build some heat and open up those tight spots such as the hips, hamstrings and shoulders. As you step on the mat, you start to naturally flow with the rhythm of surrounding vibrations, learning to listen to your beautiful body and feeling it smiling.

With the setting sun casting a warm glow on you, sunset yoga promises to be a magical mind and body experience. Wonderfully relaxing dim lights and beautiful incense smells will cultivate restorative and meditative mode while a nourishing evening practice. Enjoy the peaceful Tibetan Singing Bowls meditation or evening Pranayama (Yogic breath) providing us the space for peaceful contemplation.

Explore chakra-cleansing meditation vibration technique to learn about subtle bodies and 7 main energetic centers, known as chakras. This technique will increase your awareness of your inner world and bring healing and balancing to your chakras and soul.

During this retreat you will learn basic principles of various meditation techniques, as well as Asanas (postures). How they work on your body, how they influence the mind. You will leave Bali with the confidence and a good body memory and to continue the practice back home.



We believe, that living food has the greatest potential for healing once body and gives perfect results in weight management as well as balancing nervous system. Eating fresh & organic food during our retreat will raise your energy, your skin will glow, you will feel much more flexible and conscious of your body.

We are passionate about eating tasty & healthy food, that’s why our special gourmet menu will open new doors for you to the world of Healing Nutrition. Our mouthwatering dishes will make anyone’s taste buds go to dance.

Breakfasts are served with exotic fruit platter accompanied by coconut spirulina yogurt & various chia puddings (chocolate, coconut-vanilla, strawberry). Not to mention everyone’s favorite superfood smoothie bowls topped with cacao, nuts, dried fruits and berries. In case you are more savory tooth, you will definitely like Avo Lover bruschetta, Breakfast Burritos and Wasabi Toast.

The highlights of the main course are Jackfruit tacos, Zucchini tagliolini with shiitake mushrooms in a creamy sauce, Japanese roll «Dragon», North Indian Curry, Spinach quiche.

Desserts are quite important in our menu, because they remind us that the life is meant to be sweet and pleasurable. Among our favorites are double chocolate tart, cashew lavander truffles, carrot cake with a cashew frosting and mango cheesecake.


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Tranquil Escape

  • Sensational setting and volcano views
  • Stunning master air conditioned bedrooms
  • Two infinity swimming pools
  • Loads of elegant living space
  • Fusion of modern and traditional Balinese design
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • In-room safe boxes
  • Elegant bath tubes with flowers & natural salts
  • Organic shower gel, massage oils, shampoo & conditioner, face mask, body 
  • scrub
  • Dining and lounge areas
  • Yoga place with breathtaking views
  • Peaceful & serene atmosphere
  • Complimentary bath robe & slippers
  • Yoga  mats, blocks, straps


Purification Ceremonies


As you will spend these 7 days on the Island of Gods, you can’t help but be impressed with the culture of Bali. We add Purification Ceremonies, visits to a sacred holy waters, offerings and prayers at the Opening Ceremony. We simply want to feel the magic of the moment in present and open up to hear the voice of owns heart.

You will know your body much deeper and recognize the spots that should be unblocked.

We promise highly attentive teaching approach to every of our students.

What is not included

  • Tickets and travel expanses to and off Bali
  • Visa issues
  • Personal shopping
  • Laundry service
  • Transfer on and off the venue of the retreat

Need to know

before you go

Dear valued guest, before you will land on the beautiful island we will send you a questionnaire to find out how we can do our best to give you exactly what you need.

– Please, be informed that it is not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs during the retreat
– The transfers are free of charge only on the first and the last day of a retreat.
– There is no need to do any vaccinations while coming to Bali
– It is safe to travel alone and most of the local people speak good English language
– Please, bring your own travel adapter, there are EU type of a plugs in Bali

After you register, we are ready to help you prepare for the wonderful journey ahead.


Bookings are open for 2018/2019



Beautiful private bedroom with a bath

USD 2199

Private Bedroom

Beautiful private bedroom with a bath SHARED

USD 1850

Good option for relatives and friends

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