The Retreat Guide

Vlada Inlight

Professional yoga teacher
Detox diet and healing therapist
Reiki Energy Worker
Spiritual Guide
Life Coach

These retreats are my offering to the world.
Everything that I teach whether it is about yoga practice, spirituality or energy healing is coming from the depth of my heart and years of huge self-work and own practice.
Yoga is a powerful ancient method for self-realization. As a fundamental knowledge about asana, pranayama, and meditation, I apply traditional Hatha yoga principals in my teaching.

During these retreats, I always offer steady, mindful and deep practice, including Asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra chanting. I love to share wisdom and knowledge from the ancient texts and my gurus to make yoga practice available outside of the yoga Shala and helping to have a thriving life.

I teach and spread knowledge on nutrition based on the law of Mother Nature. Everything from detoxification and purifying once body to making raw food a lifetime healing journey.

From my experience fasts, cleanses and raw food diet set the organs free from the old waste matter, and it is the only wise way to keep our body young and self-regenerating throughout the years.
Raw food, raw juicing and holistic approach to nutrition are simple, delicious and works miracles with our bodies!

For the last 6 years, I am guiding Nutrition & Detox Seminars, Raw food cooking classes, offer personal coaching and wrote several books and various detox, fast and cleansing programs worldwide.

As I have a natural gift of intuitive energy healing and can sense and feel energy body of other people, I love to offer this service on my events and on distance.

Join Bliss Body Retreats for a healthy and transformative journey which I will be happy to offer.

Raw Food Chef

Olha Tirtha

Certifed Raw Food Chef
Live Healing Food Enthusiast
Detox and Juice Fasting Coach
Reiki Energy Worker

Always curious about the food, cooking, and healthy lifestyle, discovering live raw healing nutrition was a totally new dimension for me. It is a pure magic. Being alchemist in this world of flavors, textures, smells, and tastes make me feel fulfilled and nourished on all levels.

Personally, I treat food as an art, as a tool for healing and as the way to the more meaningful and purposeful life. Food is the physical manifestation of the Earth’s love for us. As the love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Preparing and sharing food are some of the ways we give love to others.

My ultimate goal is to share my experience and knowledge about how to extract the most nectar of our lives with the help of live nutrition. Passionate and committed to providing you with tools on how to elevate and heal your relationship with the food. I am happy and ready to meet you where are you at now and start this raw food journey, bringing it all together to the next level.

If we are in harmony with our body, and in tune with nature our life will change automatically. Come and join one of the retreats and experience real raw food awakening.