Your Retreat Guide

Professional yoga teacher
Detox diet and healing therapyst
Nutritionist, Inspirator

These retreats are my offering to the world. Everything that I teach whether it is about food, nutrition, yoga practice, spirituality or life attitude is coming from the depth of my heart and years of huge self-work and own practice.

Yoga is a powerful ancient method for self-growth. As a fundamental knowledge about asana and pranayama, I use Iyengar yoga approach as it is great for bringing one’s body into general alignment. Women’s practice approach by Gita Iyengar is something that I use when working with women of all ages. For the last couple years, I deeply fell in love with very new but deeply intriguing method of yoga «Embodied flow». This approach brings Tantra yoga, Body Mind Centering and Hatha Yoga altogether.

The classes I teach during these retreats are always steady, mindful and deep, including Asana, pranayama, meditation and cover core fundamentals of Tantra yoga teaching.

I teach and spread knowledge on new age nutrition, raw food making, and detox principals. From my experience fasts, cleanses and raw food diet set the organs free from the old waste matter and it is the only wise way to keep our body young and self-regenerating throughout the years.

Raw food, raw juicing and holistic approach to nutrition are simple, delicious and really works miracles with our bodies!

For the last years, I am guiding Nutrition & Detox Seminars, Raw food cooking classes, offer personal coaching and wrote several books and various detox, fast and cleansing programs worldwide.

Today one of the topics that excite me most are spirituality, tantra yoga, and raw food diet. These technics and knowledge have the most potential for one’s great awakening and self-development.

Join Bliss Body Retreats for a nourishing and transformative journey which I will be happy to offer.