How often have you promised yourself to start a new healthy lifestyle?
Now we offer this amazing opportunity.

30 days Private Divine Body Online Program is one of a kind detox program, created personally for you.

This is your chance to finally jump start your life. Bliss Body offers a unique possibility to unlock your full potential, let go of old destructive patterns and bad eating habits. With our support and guidance, we will help you to reach a blissful experience of harmony, vital health, and natural beauty.

We offer our experience and knowledge wholeheartedly for you for the whole month! Just you and 2 personal guides will make impossible happen.

Why This Month Can Be The Start Of Your Empowered Living?

When your physical body (the food body) will be cleared from the old toxic waste – every cell in it awakens. When your cells will be positively charged, nourished and vibrant the whole system comes back to a perfect alignment with nature and the Universe. Your mind and the soul are inhabitants of the body and immediately react to the new clean environment. Unlock your true-life purpose and great EMPOWERMENT.

Starting with simple diet changes and purifying the body you will get the keys from a deep wisdom, come to peace of mind and ultimate positivity. When your system is functioning properly (not merely existing) the stream of life force energy flows in so you can pour it into your projects, family, creativity, living this journey to the fullest.

Our Approach Is Based On The Law Of Mother Nature.

It’s Easy To Understand And Follow.

What do we offer?

Bliss Body Retreat offers a month of an individualized detox program and nutrition plan that will take you to a deep physical healing and new way of eating. You don’t need to plan detox trip, as you can do it right from your own home. To join this program you need only your will for a change and the internet access. Yes, that simple!

What are the benefits?
  • Become your own nutritionist
  • Rest & return your energy
  • Clear out the toxins
  • Stop aging process
  • Forget weight issues
  • Tighten tissue and energize organs
  • Clear skin
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Perfect digestion
  • Flexibility
  • Get Clear & Sharp mind
  • Learn The Law of life force energy
  • Shift negative patterns to healthy once
  • Forget what sickness is
  • Learn the healing power of raw food
  • Try new, easy, inspiring receipts
  • The natural state of euphoria
  • High vibrations
  • Elevated spirit

Our program is designed to help you reach the ultimate goal – your healthy, fit and vibrant body. Heal your relationships with the food, learn how to nourish and treat your body in a natural and easy way.

In our 30 Day Private Online Retreat you will learn how to cleanse yourself from old toxins, correctly go through the juice fasting at home and give you so many amazing custom RAW FOOD receipts you can’t find anywhere else!

This special month detox includes 3 steps:


• Shopping list
• Personal guidance for preparation
• Recipes
• Cleansing practices and recommended equipment
• Daily drinks and meals plan
• Meditation instructions
• 3 Skype calls with guides (30 min each)

2nd week – Juice Fast & DETOX

• Personalized plan for a 5 Days of a Juice Fasting
• Shopping list
• Juices, soup recipes
• Cleansing practices
• Recommended daily schedule
• Support from the team
• 3 Skype calls with guides (30 min each)
• Guided Chakra meditations

3rd & 4th weeks – RAW FOOD HEALING DIET

• Personalized weekly schedule
• Inspiring Recipes of juices, smoothies, breakfasts, salads, snacks, mains, deserts and more…
• Shopping list
• 3 Skype calls with guides (30 min each)
• Online seminar “Shift your diet – shift your life”
• Online Seminar “Transformational energy journey. Unlock your true power“
• Webinar “What are the superfoods, and why we need them?’
• List of the toxins that surround you everywhere and how to avoid them
• List of the healing and nourishing foods/things and how to surround yourself with them


Reiki healing session on distance

List of recommended books, blogs, and films for inspiration

Support and guidance

Access to the Facebook Forum

Special discount for your friends and family


Divine Body Online Program

$ 549

Price excludes VAT and transfer fees


* Do the program with your friends and family and get 20% off for your Program

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