7 Days Yoga & Healing Retreat in Tuscany

June 11-17| June 23-29



Yoga & Healing Food Retreat in Bali

11-17 December | 13-19 January



Yoga & Detox Retreat in Bali

January 13-19 | February 10-16| March 17-13| April 8-14



Sacred Feminine Retreat in Bali

January 13-19 | February 10-16| March 17-13| April 8-14



Cooking and Yoga Retreat in Bali

17-23 of March | 08-14 April



Yoga & Healing Food Retreat in Zanzibar

November 2-9| November 19-26
Available spots are limited.



30 Days Personalized Retreat on distance

Yoga Retreat Bali 2019


This unique Bali Yoga Retreat is the perfect get away and will be a truly magical healing weekend away in Ubud. Bali retreat is your chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life in the oasis of calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Bliss Body Retreat specialize in small group retreats and our purpose is to make you feel like home. On our events we try our best to hear and feel every participant, to find out his personal needs and to work with it.

You may expect a friendly atmosphere, good vibes, a small circle where you feel comfortable to make big changes and go through challenges. Our healthy and nurturing events are always unique and special with a dash of magic.

Spend your detox & Yoga vacation with us and get your Body Bliss

Get a healthy dose of physical activities, fresh air, and raw meals with yoga session, daily meditations, and breathing work. Deep cleanse your bodies with juice therapy, and your minds with meditation, pranayama, and Reiki sessions. Bali Yoga Retreat gives you professional guidance for a health program with personal training, designed to equip you with the knowledge and motivation you need…

Who we are?

Bliss Body Retreat is a unique experience that you will hardly find anywhere else.
Our programs are carefully crafted according to each participant and their personal needs. We are a Boutique Retreat offering stunning accommodation, private attitude to every guest and specialized programs that include Spirituality, Healing, Yoga practice, Detoxification and Raw Food Nutrition.
Be sure you will feel held, supported and loved as our best friend. We are here to create a safe space for people who need to move through challenges, who need healing, who are looking for ways to grow and move to another level of living.
During our retreats, we focus on helping our guests to clean and cleanse their body from toxins in a gentle way, learn about Nutrition and raw food, get more deeper into the yoga practice and its timeless wisdom.
We apply different technics from journaling and meditation to breath work and free movement in order to clear out the mind field and blockages in the energy body, activate chakras and finally come to balances and peace within.
We truly believe that personal attitude to everyone who comes to our retreats may end up in deep internal and external transformation.
You may expect to have an educational part as we know how important it is to have keys and answers about living in a healthy way, daily nutrition, self-healing, and yoga practice.
Our guests usually state this event has been a life-changing experience and this is our # 1 reason to offer niche retreats like this. We have dedicated our work to global wellbeing and spreading knowledge and love.
We are absolutely sure that everyone who comes to Bliss Body retreats is ready for the next step.
If you are ready, join us!